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We're open all year long! Call us at 416-712-6751 or email us for a free trial class. You'll be glad you did.


Judo For Kids

At Budokai Judo Club, our child-friendly instructors have adapted Judo's principles and moves for children as young as 5, an age when their growing abilities both mentally and physically make it the ideal time to begin martial

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Judo For Adults

Judo is the ideal martial art for adults even at the beginning stages. While it does exist nowadays as a competitive sport-and our experienced Judo instructors can take you that far if it-s your goal-it begins with a system...

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Looking for a Toronto Judo Club?
Meet Budokai Judo Club

Looking for a Toronto Judo Club? Meet Budokai Judo Club

Budokai is The Go-To Toronto Judo Club for judo players young and not so young seeking recreational, technical and/or competitive Judo taught by patient and knowledgeable senseis. Our students span Toronto, North York, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Etobicoke, Vaughan & York Region. We welcome those looking to get back on the mat or giving Judo a try for the first time. And we’re open all year long! Call us at 416-712-6751 or e-mail us for a free trial class. You’ll be glad you did!

Toronto Judo Class Schedule:

Monday & Wednesday Evening Judo Classes:Kids Judo Class: 6:30 -7:45 p.m. Adults Judo Class: 7:45 -9:15 p.m. (more…)


Why Choose
Toronto's Budokai Judo Club?


We teach the Olympic sport and martial art of judo here at Budokai Judo Club. And we  teach Confidence!  What better and more lasting gift to give your child or a loved one?Judo is our specialty and the martial art that we excel at. We are black belts certified by Judo Ontario, Judo Canada, The International Judo Federation (IJF) and the The Kodokan Judo Institute, Tokyo, Japan.Our focus is on teaching judo to children and kids, girls and boys (aged 5+) and adults (men and women) to learn and develop skills at the sport and martial art of judo in a safe and rewarding environment. Budokai’s goal is to imbue its students through the practice of judo with confidence and courage – precepts that will carry over into many other aspects of their lives.

Exceptional and Humble Toronto Judo Instructors

Born and raised in Toronto, Senseis Rick Koglin and Ray Litvak pride themselves as teachers of students who have gone on to earn their black belts and win medals provincially, nationally and globally through competition. They are child-friendly and patient instructors with over 70 years of combined judo experience through teaching, practicing and competition. Rick and Ray instill respect and show students how to protect and conduct themselves in and out of the Dojo.(more…)


What our clients say

  • Absolutely love this Judo Club. Perfect balance of gentle spirit yet train to win! Sensei Rick and Ray have a fantastic approach to keep the kids disciplined but having fun which keeps them wanting to come back 2-3 times a week + tournaments. Highly recommend this club!

    Mike Aube
    Former Judoka
  • My almost 6 year old son has been going there for over 2 months now. He is noticably stronger than before; being able to hike 10 km trail within 5 hrs. He absolutely loves going there. I believe that one can only be good at something by practicing. I love how they offer 3 sessions per week. We tried other martial arts place for kid before and they only do 1/2 hr per session and 1 session a week. Meh, nothing good sticked with him over the period we were there. Apart from judo techniques, Rick and Ray focus on building up the endurance for the kids as well. Usually in fight, if one runs out of stamina first, they are in disadvantage. That is another plus. At the end of each session, the kids always get their chance to try out their new technique with partners. All being said, absolutely recommended ;)

    Phatcha Chung
    Student's Father
  • Best judo instruction in Toronto. I’ve been with Rick and Ray for years now and have nothing but great things to say about this school. These two simply have more experience, patience and skill in instruction than you are going to find anywhere else. There is a reason why parents keep bringing their children back for years, and why those children grow up and come back to train as adults. Rick and Ray really are making better people as much as they are making judokas. Top notch kids program. Also a great adults program, especially for beginners as well as older hobbyists such as myself who are looking to learn the basics while still being able to go to work the next day. Take advantage of this opportunity.

    Adam Scl
    Martial Arts Professional


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