Boy bullied by teacher and students in grade 8 classroom

An unfortunate 13-year old boy in Washington State was allegedly bullied by his teacher along with classmates in an 8th-grade classroom. It’s the kind of situation to make any parents’ blood boil and highlights the value of martial arts training.

Shocking videotaped evidence from student cell phones shows him swung by the arms and legs, gagged with a sock and taunted, among other things. The boy’s parents first became aware of the situation when their son refused to attend school and became suicidal. That’s when they complained to school officials and demanded to see the student videos.

The parents pointed out that the teacher in question did nothing while the so-called ‘hazing’ was clearly going on. It’s heartbreaking for any parent or friend of children to contemplate that the person he should’ve looked to for help was so indifferent. The teacher has since been suspended for ten days without pay and moved to a different school. It hardly seems like enough for the emotional scars that this young man will carry for the rest of his life.

The Reality
It’s a sad story, but unfortunately not at all uncommon. Schoolyard bullying flourishes even when there are responsible adults present. Perhaps they’re too over-burdened to notice what’s going on, or perhaps the adult in charge is assuming that leaving it to the kids to sort out is the best way to deal with it.

The truth is, most children need help and guidance in how to deal with aggression and bullying can take many forms. That’s why judo and martial arts lessons are such a great idea at any age.

Judo lessons will:
• Increase balance and fitness level
• Teach ways of avoiding conflict
• Teach ways of dealing with conflict and threatening situations without fear or anger
• Increase self confidence

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