Budokai Judo and Martial Arts Club Celebrates its First Month

It’s been one month to the day since we held our grand opening and the SNAP Magazine teams for North York and Vaughan were there to capture some of the action – and if you have a look, you’ll see we’re not kidding. Action it is!

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The shots are great and what I like most about them is that they’ve captured not only the action itself but the spirit of our dojo – the camaraderie, the good sportsmanship, the mutual respect among all of us here, teachers and students.

Nowadays, in busy families where often both parents work outside of the home and siblings each with their own schedules and needs, it can leave a child with a lot of time spent on their own. Among its many other benefits, involvement in martial arts provides a positive peer group for your child to help counteract any negative influences from school or elsewhere. You can see that positive spirit on the faces of the kids in our judo classes.

Judo lessons will:
• Help equip your child to deal with bullying and other aggressive situations
• Help balance and fitness levels
• Help increase self-confidence

Here at the Budokai Judo and Martial Arts Club we teach the importance of respect and so much more and we can provide judo lessons to children and adults of all ages and at all levels.

Whether you’re new to judo and the martial arts or looking to get back into the game, pay us a visit.  Take advantage of our free 2 week trial offer.

About Budokai Judo and Martial Arts Club

Founded by Sensei’s Rick Koglin and Ray Litvak, (Certified Judo black belts and instructors), the goal of the club is to imbue its students (men, women, children) with the character, confidence and courage that practicing judo over time instills in its students.

The club can be found in the heart of North York at 1110-5 Finch Ave. West, North York, Ontario M3J 2T2 and is located in the North York Aikido Club/Aikido Hokuryukai. The club officially opened its doors on Sunday August, 19, 2012. For more information, or to register, please contact Rick Koglin at (416) 712-6751 or e-mail us today.

Based in North York, Ontario, Budokai Judo and Martial Arts Club is the Greater Toronto Area’s (GTA) answer to professional judo and martial arts instruction (recreational, fitness and competitive) for people of all ages.

Budokai Judo Club: Providing judo and martial arts lessons for kids and adults in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) including Toronto, North York, Downsview, Vaughan, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge and York Region, Ontario.