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Learn PRIVATE JUDO LESSONS by a Top Instructor in 2021

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Get Private Judo Lessons & Instruction in the privacy of your own home or business by Sensei Ray Litvak. A Qualified 3rd Degree Black Belt Certified with judo Ontario and Judo Canada, with over 45 years of experience in Judo (Training, Teaching, Competing & Running a Judo Club).

Ray has and teaches:

-Judo and self-defence to kids, teens and adults (males & females);

-Ran a Dojo – Budokai Judo Club in North York for many years;

-Competed in Judo and has competitive experience and knowledge;

-Taught Judo for Parks and Recreation and ran their Martial Arts Camps for several seasons;

Meet Your Judo Instructor

Judo Instructor in Toronto
Recreational, Competitive & Self-Defense Judo for Kids, teens and adults in the GTA

Hi, I’m Ray Litvak. I have been involved in Judo in North York, Toronto and Ontario for over 45 years.

Before the pandemic, I ran a Private Judo Club and taught recreational and competitive Judo for kids as young as 5 years old. I also taught teens and adults, including beginners, medium and advanced judoka how do play judo. My emphasis is on teaching safe and technical judo techniques that work in tournament and for self-defense.

The Judo lessons taught by my are taught at and inspired by those teachings of the Kodokan and Budokai Judo Club tradition for males and females. You may want your kids to learn judo for self-defense, to get in better shape or present it as a gift to a loved one.  Regardless, I can help.

Private Judo Classes for Beginners, Medium & Advanced Players

There is Judo and Martial Arts training and instruction available for all levels of experience. A child-friendly judo instructor ensures that students learn the safe way to do Judo by showing proper techniques through demonstration and participation.

As an experienced instructor, I supervise children closely to ensure that they learn correct throws and grappling moves that are safe for themselves and their partners.

Up Your Brazilian-Jiu-jitsu Game

I have experience teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu players how to improve their standing game with BJJ throws and takedowns that dominate your opponent. After all, BJJ matches start standing up, and points are awarded for throws and take-downs.

Call (647) 707-2672 to learn more and for a free initial consultation.

More reasons to consider ‘private judo classes’ for children, teens and adults? It’s a great way to build self-esteem and confidence!

As a parent, you want to give your children an excellent grounding in physical fitness. Reports show the many benefits of Judo for kids and youth. As a result, we feel that Judo is the ideal martial art to start your child on the road to physical and mental well-being.

It’s true that team sports builds character and physical conditioning, as does Judo. And yet, Judo’s benefits extend far beyond, building inner character and and ‘I can do it’ attitude.

Moreover, Judo focuses on self control, working on the principle of maximum effect with minimum effort. In Japanese, Judo translates as ‘the gentle way.’

The key to mastering Judo involves adjusting to your opponent rather than attacking; it’s about evading and changing the balance of a conflict.

Why Private Judo Lessons & Classes?

Private Judo Classes Teach:

-Respect, self-control and discipline

-Judo for Self-defence and how to de-escalate an aggressive situation

-Self-confidence as their skills grow and they progress through the belts and rankings

-Mutual welfare and benefit

-Health and well-being

-How to play nicely with other children

Bullyproofing & Prevention Techniques through Judo

-Bullying and how to avoid conflict are essential issues that your child may face in school and beyond. Judo gives them the skills and self-confidence to handle those situations effectively.

Training in Judo is one of the best ways to bully-proof your child. In addition, Judo and Martial Arts training will give your child all of these benefits and more!

Call (647) 707-2672 today and ask for Ray to learn more.

Private Judo lessons for the GTA, North York, Toronto, Thornhill and beyond.