Club Rates

2018/2019 Membership Rates & Packages

Adult/ChildRate*Payment TypePromotion**Payment Terms***
Monthly$150.00Cash, Cheque, Visa———————–Month-to-Month
Semi-Annual$900.00Cash, Cheque, Visa2 Free WeeksUpfront Payment
Annual$1,800.00Cash, Cheque, Visa4 Free WeeksUpfront Payment
Monthly Visitor$175.00Cash, Cheque, Visa———————–Upfront Payment
Drop-In Fee$25.00Cash, Cheque, Visa———————–Upfront Payment
Kinder Judo$240.00Cash, Cheque, Visa———————–Upfront Payment
Private Lessons$85.00/hourCash, Cheque, Visa———————–Upfront Payment

* HST Not Included
** Family Rate: 10% discount off of each additional family member and/or referral that joins
*** First of every month

2018/2019 Judo-Gi & Belt Pricing

Judo-Gi & BeltRate*Payment TypePayment Terms
Adult Judo-Gi$150.00Cash, Cheque, VisaUpfront Payment
Kids Judo-Gi$95.00Cash, Cheque, VisaUpfront Payment
Colored Belt (1/2 Stripe)$25.00Cash, Cheque, VisaUpfront Payment
Full Color & Diploma$50.00Cash, Cheque, VisaUpfront Payment

*HST Not Included