Why Judo

Think judo’s just about fighting? Think again!

Judo classes are not just about learning to strategically throw, pin and/or submit an opponent. There are many other benefits of training in judo that you may not have considered.

  • Better Health
  • Weight Management
  • Building and increasing strength
  • Learning self-defence techniques
  • Bully proofing & prevention
  • Increased Confidence

The physical benefits are obvious, but there are psychological benefits as well. Judo training builds character, confidence and courage as it teaches discipline and philosophy to students of all ages and levels. Adults and children who train in judo learn about themselves and the world around them in addition to developing strength and self- confidence.

Judo teaches respect

Judo was developed in 1882 by Dr. Jigoro Kano, who is often referred to as the father of modern sport in Japan. He created judo while he was a student of Jujitsu and his intention was just to refine Jujitsu as a discipline. But he soon realized that he could create something much bigger and judo became an entirely new sport that combined self-defence with a rigorous discipline involving intense mental, physical and spiritual training. Judo is unique in the martial arts field because it’s a martial art, sport and potent form of self-defence.

Judo Classes for beginners – big and small

Dr. Kano was only 5’2″ so he cleverly designed judo to stress leverage over physical size, allowing a smaller opponent to challenge a much larger opponent by using a combination of throws, take-downs and grappling. That’s what makes it a great sport and a self-defence tool for men, women and children of all sizes.

Almost 130 years later, judo clubs and classes still follow Kano’s original principles, techniques and standard regimens of sparring/throwing (randori), grappling (newaza), forms (kata) and repetition drills (uchikomi).

Self-defence is an invaluable tool

Whether you’re the little guy who gets bullied or someone who wants to learn self-defence as a preventative measure, judo uses a combination of throws, take-downs, sweeps and pins.  Over time, more advanced students learn chokes and arm locks, but only when they’re ready. These techniques, which are often practiced during judo classes are very effective when someone is being assaulted, grabbed, attacked and/or brought to the ground, making judo a defensive martial art and an excellent way to protect yourself from an attack.

Judo Training Builds Character & Confidence

Judo will help you to discover both mental and physical benefits. This age-old sport develops a sound mind and body as well as instilling confidence and humility, which makes it great for kids. Participating in tournaments and earning belts, medals and trophies teaches kids important sportsmanship lessons while it builds character, increases confidence and teaches that with hard work comes rewards.
*Private judo classes available.

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Judo Classes for mature and young students
Judo Classes for mature and young students


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